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I have been dealing with Anderlin Industries for the past twenty-three years as first the assistant, then as the full superintendent of Aon House (Formerly known as the ACE/Tempest Re. Bldg.) at #30 Woodbourne Avenue. Since the beginning, Anderlin under the supervision of Andre’ Morris has overseen the installation and upgrades of our security systems, as well as for those of BF&M Ltd. and Argo Group across the street on the Pitt’s Bay Rd.
Anderlin have also recently replaced our old Edward’s fire alarm system with a more up to date version manufactured by Siemen’s to keep us up to code with the Bermuda Fire Service. With only a few remaining sections to be tested, the system has performed very well at detecting potential hazards and activating the alarms/ notifying the monitoring company to contact the fire service.
Anderlin will soon be beginning the second stage of a three part upgrade amongst the three buildings to replace the older security card system with a standardized proximity card-reader system. BF&M has already received the new upgrade which will be followed shortly by the Argo Group Bldg.
Throughout this time we have found Andre’ and his staff a pleasure to work with and regard Anderlin’s services as an integral part of our operations.

Glen S. Lima

Maintenance Technician
BF&M Insurance Group
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